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Sellya - OpenCart Responsive Premium Theme

Compatible with: OpenCart


Before you install this theme:

1. read the complete instruction
2. make sure you have installed and running the correct version of OpenCart
3. it is a good practice to backup your system

We recommend to use this theme on a new, clean installation or existing shops without custom core modifications.


How to install Sellya Theme?

Step 1. Unzip your downloaded "Sellya-premium-opencart-theme.zip". There are subfolders structure:

Open the folder that corresponds to your OpenCart version and upload all the files from "FILES_TO_UPLOAD" to the root directory you have installed OpenCart in.

Step 2: Theme activation

Log in the OpenCart administration and activate the theme from System › Settings › Store tab › Template dropdown (select "sellya" from the list).

Step 3: Theme module installation

Go to Extension › Modules › Sellya Theme Control Panel and click on the 'install' link. Then enable the 'Sellya Theme Control Panel' module (click on the 'edit' link, change the status to 'Enabled' and click 'Save').

Step 4: Image size adjustment

Go to System › Settings › Image tab and input this values:

IMPORTANT: If you are not using a Cloud Zoom, input this values in 'Additional Product Image Size':

Step 5: Bestsellers, Featured, Latest, Specials images

190x190 - Content Column
40x40 - Left or Right Column

Step 6: Sellya Product Slider (if you do not use the Sellya Product Slider module, skip this step)

Go to Extension › Modules › Sellya Product Slider and input this values:

Step 7: Slideshow images (if you do not use the Slideshow module, skip this step)

Go to Extension › Modules › Slideshow and input this values:

Step 8: Manufacturers images (if you do not use the Manufacturers carousel, skip this step)

Go to Extension › Modules › Carousel and input this values:

Step 9: Category module

Go to Extension › Modules › Category and disable module for a Product Page:

Step 10: Background Pattern

Go to Extension › Modules › Sellya Theme Control Panel › Background Images › Body. Select 193 pattern number and click 'Save'.

How To and FAQ

Add another language

Step 1. Open file: catalog/language/english/english.php:

Step 2. Select and Copy lines 2-25:

and Paste to your language file (catalog/language/yourlanguage/yourlanguage.php).

Step 3. Translate text highlighted in green on your language:

How can I put contact details on the Main Menu?

Contact Block on the Main Menu collects data from Contact Block on the Footer.

Step 1. Go to Extension › Modules › Sellya Theme Control Panel > General Options > Main Menu > Contacts > Show Contacts and select “Yes” from the list.

Step 2. Go to Extension › Modules › Sellya Theme Control Panel > Footer > Contact Us and input your contacts.

Note: Contact Block on the Footer does not need to be turned on to contacts to be displayed on the Main Menu.

How can I set list view as default in category page?

Step 1. Open file: catalog/view/theme/sellya/template/product/category.tpl and find this piece of code (generally at the bottom of the category.tpl file):

Step 2. You should change: display('grid') to display('list'):

Step 3. Clear your browser cache to see the changes.

CSS Structure

Here is the list of css files that Sellya theme uses:

1. stylesheet.css - main stylesheet
2. stylesheet-mobile.css - main stylesheet for mobile devices
3. bootstrap.css - Twitter Bootstrap framework
4. camera.css - stylesheet for homepage slider
5. carousel.css - stylesheet for the carousel
6. cloud-zoom.css - stylesheet for the Cloud Zoom
7. dcaccordion.css - stylesheet for categories accordion
8. elastic_slideshow.css - stylesheet for the responsive slideshow
9. flexslider.css - stylesheet for homepage slider
10. tipTip.css - stylesheet for the Tooltip
11. ui.totop.css - stylesheet for the To Top button

JavaScript Structure

The custom javascript files are located in catalog/view/theme/sellya/js:


Extra Skins

You can use the extra skins in two ways:
1. without customization;
2. with customizable.

1. Extra skins without customization.

Go to Extension › Modules › Sellya Theme Control Panel, select the skin you interesting and click "Save".

Using this option, you have the ability to customize the default skin only.

2. Extra skins with customizable.

Step 1. Go to Extension › Modules › Sellya Theme Control Panel and select the default skin.

Step 2. Open the Extras/(skin_you_want_to_use)/admin settings folder.

Step 3. Input the values ​​shown in the screenshots to your 'Sellya Theme Control Panel' module and click "Save".
Now you can freely adjust the selected extra skin.

Blog Manager Support

If you install the Blog Manager module, follow these steps:

Step 1. Go to your Sellya download pack. Open the Extensions/Blog Manager folder and upload all the files from "FILES_TO_UPLOAD" to the root directory you have installed OpenCart in.

Step 2. Now you need to put Blog link at Main or Top Menu.

Main Menu:
Go to Extension › Modules › Sellya Theme Control Panel › General Options › Main Menu › Custom Links.
Input 'Blog' in 'Title' and 'index.php?route=blog/category/home' in 'url'.

Top Menu:
Open file catalog\view\theme\sellya\template\common\header.tpl

Find (in line 1336 for OpenCart

and replace with this:


* The Blog Manager module is not included with Sellya. You can buy this extension HERE.
* We don't provide technical support for Blog Manager module. Support for this extension, you can get HERE.



Camera slideshow by Manuel Masia
Flexslider by Tyler Smith
jQuery bxSlider by Steven Wanderski
Elastislide by Manoela Ilic
DC jQuery Accordion by Design Chemical
Bootstrap by Twitter
Cloud Zoom by R Cecco
TipTip by Drew Wilson
UItoTop by Matt Varone
Patterns by Subtle Patterns

All icons by 321cart.com

Sellya Support

In order to streamline support requests and better serve you, we utilize a support ticket system. Every support request is assigned a unique ticket number which you can use to track the progress and responses online. For your reference we provide complete archives and history of all your support requests.

Sellya Support Ticket System »